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Scorch The Dragon Comic Page 5 by TheScorchingDragon Scorch The Dragon Comic Page 5 by TheScorchingDragon

Sorry i havent been working on my comic lateley as i have been procrasting so much for at least a few months by now.

Some Information:
ok well i know i said i'd provide a colour background but the colours clashed and didnt really fit in with the picture so i just did it black.

Story Line Of Page 5:
Scorch has just waked up from his dream only to find out one of his ansestor comet was trying to reach out to him, he ends up giving scorch the book from his dream aka a part of comets life from when he was still alive. comet states somthing then says he has to leave. scorch is confused and wants to ask more questions but he cant. Malokai was heading towards him when he thought he heard someone else talking that he doesnt recognise.
STAY TUNED FOR PAGE 6 you might find some more information on scorch and malokai if i decide to add in some facts right away or i might just add them in later.

he is a dragon who whields the symbol of the comet dragon which has been passed down for centeries across the generations. his current status is dead. if you want to know why, he was killed by desolation because he refused to give up the location of the book that must be really important right? well it may put scorch in danger. anyways back to info on comet, he is basicly a fire dragon and if he is dead he is a dragon spirit. Yes he does look fairly similar to scorch and scorch's family accept scorch's father has different colours to comet and scorch
he is scorch's first ansestor

I guess the only think you can see is that I learned to draw dragons from the legend of Spyro dragons And That Desolation is the bad guy in the scorch game I still cant really be botherd to work on lol because i dont know how to add npc speach. also some images from page 4 have been used

Where are you in the continant well you are in the middle eastern area of it for every new location i will add its name for scorch's location ill add a big X on the map to his reletive location within a certain distance, just simply look
Middle eastern map of contenent 01 by TheScorchingDragon

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Other Information:
It may be quite a while until i release my next page or coloured version of this page because I'd like colour father time dragon and work on few other things. but i may releace draft lineart of the next page but idk.

Characters Copyright & art © TheScorchingDragon.
Fell Free To Make An Art Piece From One Of The Dragons If You Want To.

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August 6, 2016
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